Kristina Steinbring Fine Art
Original Oils

Wherever I Hang My Hat

I am often asked where I am from. That is a difficult question for me. My family comes from the east coast for many generations back, I have spent the bulk of my life on the prairies, and growing up in a military family has taken me to numerous points in between. I have come to describe myself as simply a "Canadian" artist and enjoy capturing in paint the many beautiful scenes I have been fortunate enough to experience. I am equally thrilled to capture the essence of an old homestead in Alberta, the proud history of a grain elevator in Saskatchewan , the majesty of a Rocky Mountain peak or the simple practicality of a Newfoundland root cellar. I strive to embrace wherever God's path leads me and believe whole-heartedly in the old adage of "bloom where you are planted". This collection of work is a celebration of where I have been, where I am and where I am going.