Kristina Steinbring Fine Art
Original Oils

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Kristina, your work is truly amazing and you are very talented. I am so honored to know you and be able to view your extraordinary gift.
Cathy Lushman - 9 Apr 2013
Kristina I love your work and am very happy to say that I have 2 wonderful pictures in my home. Happy to say I know her, she is a wonderful person and a great artist.
Liz Steinbring - 30 Sep 2011
Hey Kristina great website. I love the Red Door and of course Johnny Greens Cove. Great Work.
Joan Andrews - 1 Apr 2011
Very beautiful, Kristina. The creative side of one is truly a blessing, especially when they share with people. Thanks.
Lise Sweeney - 12 Oct 2010
enjoyed meeting you at the Art Walk. Great work!
Maritta Renz from - 23 Jul 2010
Hi Kristina! Your work is amazing! Great to see you've kept your passion alive.
Jennifer Cerini - 9 Apr 2010
Wow Kristina! When we talked art on those few occasions I had 'no' idea that I was missing out on viewing your extraordinary talent. Am so happy I stopped by your site it was a viewing treat indeed!
Kim Loomer - 2 Feb 2010
This website is very good. Congratulations!
Pat Roeske - 28 Jan 2010
Love the five rowboats and the garbage bag!!!
Karen Cameron - 28 Jan 2010
Hey Kristina! Your artwork is amazing!
Tara Stirling-Mordy - 27 Jan 2010
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