Kristina Steinbring Fine Art
Original Oils

If you go to the canvas with joy and love in your heart, somehow it comes off on the canvas -Wilson Hurley


I don't remember a time when art was not an important part of my life.  As a child, paints and paper were never in short supply and I was blessed with a family that nurtured my creative expression.  Early on, I set about trying to explore and depict the endless paintings and drawings I saw in the world around me.  Being a child of a military family, I was always provided with new subject matter as we traveled from coast to coast:  a view of the ferry at North Sydney, a hilltop farm in St. Louis du Ha Ha, or incredible walls of rock as the trans Canada highway wove its way through rugged northern Ontario.  Years later, I still find myself awestruck as I try to capture my visions of this beautiful country.

My current focus has been on capturing the changing Alberta landscape as  rural life becomes less of a way of life, and society more centralized. 

In addition to my ongoing landscape work, my latest efforts have been focused on still life painting.  I strive to uncover the beauty in the ordinary, the items in our lives that generally go unnoticed.  I enjoy combining different objects, textures and moods in a way that enhances what might otherwise be considered mundane.

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